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This page is still very much under construction.
And since I have very little time, it'll probably always be :-)

asphorum (written like this, no capitals at all) is meant to be an easy to maintain, very efficient and higly scalable ASP forum. Did I mention fully threaded ? It is vaguely based on a PHP forum named... Phorum (find it here). Allthough that's just the current look.

asphorum is scripted using JScript, which proves to be a lot more efficient than VBScript, concerning ASP development. If you want to help developing asphorum, please visit our SourceForge page for now. Also there you can download the latest releases of asphorum.

Current development release : 0.6.1
Current stable release : 0.6.0-STABLE

If you wish to see asphorum in action, visit this link, or just click on forum in the 'menu' above, on the right.
The example is hosted on a free asp hosting provider (ASPWebHosts) which seems to be pretty fast.

If you do know somewhere where we can host it equally free, noticeably faster and with the exact same amount of ads (being none, zero or null), you would do me a big favour by letting me know.


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